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Dealer Loyalty Protection Products

Our superior claims administration and industry-leading coverage options.

Tire And Wheel

Comprehensive coverage against tire damage caused by road hazards. DLP Tire & Wheel Protection helps keep customers rolling, and ready to conquer any journey.

Windshield Coverage

WINDSHIELD Prevention and restoration for windshield cracks, chips, and stars. DLP Windshield Repair provides consumers with quick and easy service for a clear view of the road ahead.

Key Coverage

Lost or damaged key? No problem. DLP KEY programs can quickly disable and replace any lost, stolen, or defective keys so customers can always get where they need to go.

Paintless Dent/Ding Coverage

PAINTLESS DENT/DING DLP’S Dent Protection Program brings unlimited paintless dent repair to your doorstep with no out-of-pocket expense.

Roadside Assistance

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Tire changes, jump starts, lockout services, fuel delivery, and more. DLP Roadside Assistance is on demand and available 24/7/365—because emergencies don’t take a day off.

Total Loss Protection

In the event your vehicle is declared a total loss, you can return to the original selling dealership and they will provide you with a credit of up to $2,500 or $5,000 (depending on the plan purchased) towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle.


In the event your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, you receive a cash benefit that you can use towards the purchase or lease of a replacement vehicle, to pay your deductible or in any way you wish. (Limit based on program purchased)

Nitrogen Tire Coverage

NITROGEN replacing the air in your tires, and maintaining them with nitrogen can increase your tire life by as much as 50% while greatly improving fuel economy and enhancing safety and performance for your vehicle.

Maintenance Coverage

Maintenance of owning a vehicle comes with certain responsibilities. Among those is maintaining the condition of your vehicle with regular servicing.

Chemical Appearance

CHEMICAL APPEARANCE provides maximum defenses for your vehicle’s exterior and interior treated surfaces by utilizing the latest technology advancements in surface protection products.

Driver Protection Plus

DRIVER PROTECTION PLUS gives you the perfect package of tire and wheel, dent/ding, windshield, key replacement, roadside, and lease wear and tear (depending on plan purchased) all in one bundle.

GAP Coverage

In the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft, GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) will, in most cases, pay the difference between the actual cash value and the scheduled balance owed to the lender.

Excess Wear And Tear

Covers most excess wear charges up to $5,000 on new or certified pre-owned vehicles such as paint damage, exterior surface dents, interior surface rips, tears, stains and spotting, windshield glass chips, wheel covers and more! Covers excess tire wear with less than 1/8" remaining tread.

Smart Risk Auto

If this happens to you Smart Risk will protect your credit! We will make 3 payments for you while you find a job or buy your vehicle. *Including negative equity up to $10,000.